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Objective and mission of the association:

We are a laique and non-profit association. We wish to help adults, regardless of age, who
feel lonely or excluded because of limited mobility, health problems or any other
circumstances of life. We would also like to be available for those who take care of a disabled
person in order to help them in this difficult task and enable them to have a day off.

Nobody should be "left out". Everybody has the right to be lovingly and respectfully
accompanied by taking into account his personal identity and history. For this reason on our
welcome days our priorities are to lend an open ear, to share and help and offer friendship,
and all this with a good amount of humour. Ingredients that will help to prepare delicious
meals and happy hours.

We are offering a personalised accompaniment which will continue at home to improve the
comfort of our guests. We develop also a help system among our guests themselves.

Our association is financed exclusively by donations from private persons and enterprises.
We are at the beginning of our adventure, however we are already able to receive our guests
every Monday in addition to a personalised accompaniment. With further development of our
association, we hope to be able to offer more welcome days and other outside activities.

 Founding members:

Yvonne Charles
Francine Guisan Brandl
Mariette Reymond



Walter Brandl, responsible for development strategies and logistic
Yvonne Charles, responsible for cooking and dietary questions
Francine Guisan Brandl, responsible for administration, beneficiaries and donors
Claude Loset, responsible for communication and fund raising
Mariette Reymond, responsible for volunteers


For the time being, the catholic parish of Rolle generously puts at our disposal their parish
room. Address: Salle de paroisse catholique de Rolle, rue des Hanes 3, 1180 Rolle